Enterprise Chat — powered by GPT-4

Unleash the power of Generative AI for your enterprise with Hitachi Solutions

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What is Enterprise Chat?
  • Powered by ChatGPT API, enable your business to interact with OpenAI’s most advanced AI system

  • Built with privacy and data security at the core

  • Create and share chat sessions and prompts with your organization

  • Save time for your team while maintaining responsible data handling

Harnessing AI, safeguarding privacy

Take full control of your data while using OpenAI's services, securely and confidently, through the Enterprise Chat.

Take full control of your data while using OpenAI's services, securely and confidently, through the Enterprise Chat.

  • Your training data stays yours - used solely for honing your own models, not by Microsoft or OpenAI for their enhancements
  • Harmful content moderation opted into by default
  • Rely on our ISO 27001-certified, secure integration with Azure's OpenAI service — your confidential data remains secure

To learn more about Microsoft's privacy and security commitments, visit the Microsoft Trust Center.

Intuitive chat session

Experience a smooth communication platform that saves time and boosts efficiency.

  • Efficient Chat Interface
  • Comprehensive Prompt Library: Instant
    communication kickstart
  • Clear Response Formatting
  • Tailored Data Plugins
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Collaborative prompt engineering

Leverage the art of prompts engineering to foster team efficiency, organize content, simplify search, and showcase popular ideas.

  • Team-Wide Prompt Creation
  • Share Productivity Gains
  • Organized and Searchable
  • Upvoting

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Enhance Your Insights with your company’s data

In Early Preview
  • Train with Your Data: Use your company's data sources to improve your model
  • Interactive Insights: Directly engage with your data for deeper understanding
  • Custom Data Models: Simplify tasks by tailoring data models to your business needs

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And there's more...

Let Enterprise Chat handle the heavy lifting as your productivity tool,
allowing you to prioritize your customers.

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icon What users are saying...
Improving productivity today
icon Estimation and proposal generation

Enterprise Chat is fantastic at modeling staffing scenarios and providing a nicely formatted table. I can then refine it with further prompts.

icon Rewording email responses

Enterprise Chat gives me suggestions on how to communicate my thoughts in an understandable manner.

icon Making technical answers more understandable to non-technical audiences

I can enter in what I want to communicate and say, “pretend you are explaining this to a 12-year-old.”

icon Produce realistic business processes

When selling our ERP to an electronics manufacturing company, rather than starting from scratch with their order to cash process, Enterprise Chat suggested a business process for us.

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Initial enterprise package unlock all advanced options at a monthly subscription cost, specifically addressing business requirements.
What's included:

  • Setup secure Enterprise Chat portal
  • Prep environment for data enrichment
40 users
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